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Our fully hosted solutions make it possible for Microsoft partners and Service Providers to be distinctive without complex on-premise implementations. 


Teams Calling

The all-in-one solution for calling with Microsoft Teams. Connect your phone numbers to Teams for the real calling experience.

Direct Routing

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams directly from the Azure cloud, in combination with your own Service Provider.


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Microsoft Teams - Direct Routing

the new way of collaborating & communicating

The digital workplace is transiting into teamwork. Teams perform best when information is shared in a transparent and accessible way. This requires technology that promotes collaboration within teams and brings relevant information together in a smart way.

That is why Microsoft has introduced Teams.

Teams is the hub for collaboration in Office 365 where employees can meet more productively, perform tasks without having to switch between other apps, and better manage daily communication.

Microsoft Teams has also added telephony functionality - called Direct Routing - to be able to place and receive calls via the public network. Via the Direct Routing solution of Anyroute, your organization can connect the Microsoft Phone System in Office365 with every telephony provider of your choice. You make the choice, we make it possible.

What is Direct Routing?

Microsoft Phone System is a feature in Microsoft Office365 that adds PBX functionalities, including the ability to manage call routing, policies and user provisioning. Direct Routing works together with the Phone System function with which employees of your organization can set up or receive external calls. Direct Routing of Anyroute makes it possible to link existing telephony services to Microsoft Teams. This allows you to make reuse of existing voice trunk connections of your current Service Provider.

Direct Routing is delivered via special hardware (Session Border Controllers). This can be done physically on location, as a virtual application in a Private Cloud, but also as a managed service in the Anyroute Cloud. Anyroute delivers 'Direct Routing as a Service' fully managed and hosted from the Azure Private Cloud and links your own telephone numbers to Microsoft Teams. Because our infrastructure is fully redundant, we can guarantee a very high availability of 99,95%.

As an end user you only need a good local LAN network and internet connection.

Together with your trusted Office365 partner. 

With Anyroute Direct Routing, you as a customer have the control to manage your accessibility with Microsoft Teams. This together with your current IT or Microsoft Office365 partner.

Anyroute supports your partner with the necessary resources so that he can optimally advise and support you.