To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

The transition to Cloud Communication services seems to be the next step for many organizations. But how is it to be done? And how can this be technically realized?

The AnyConnector offers plenty of options to make this step flawless and risk-free.


The AnyConnector; the must-have tool towards the Cloud.

The communication landscape is constantly changing and changes are taking place at an ever faster pace. Both the way of working (at the office, at home or on the road), but also the means and techniques that make this possible are very diverse.

The AnyConnector offers solutions for several issues that arise with changes in your communication landscape.

The AnyConnector offers the possibility to connect existing telephony platforms to new and/or existing solutions. This allows you to be flexible to migrate to new possibilities and to protect your investments.

The AnyConnector is placed in the existing telephony architecture and links all existing systems with each other and to the cloud. Regardless of the connection techniques and providers you use. The smart interface recognizes which conversations can run over the existing systems or the cloud and can copy them to a voice recorder for compliance and training purposes.
It also protects you against cybercrime and misuse of public lines and guarantees a secure connection between home workers and your telephony solution.


The possibilities of the AnyConnector

  • Connecting multiple PBXs to your public infrastructure
  • Routing of telephony traffic
  • Connecting and routing multiple providers
  • Building Hybrid Environments
  • Phased and controlled transitions to new telecommunications architectures
  • Provide protection against DDOS attacks and Intrusion Detection
  • Copy Voice traffic for Recording equipment
  • Facilitating remote workers
  • Voice traffic transcoding
  • SIP User Registration
  • Number manipulation
  • Building Redundancy solutions
  • Combinations of the above options

Does the AnyConnector seem interesting for your telephony/UC infrastructure?

We would like to think along with you, to see together what possibilities the AnyConnector offers for your infrastructure and challenges.