Empower your customer

Enrich your portfolio with extra services while maintaining your own identity, ownership and core values.

Anyroute Partner program - Working together to success

All Managed services of Anyroute are only offered via the Partner Program.

The Partner Program is developed to enable partners and resellers to extend their portfolio with Microsoft telephony services. The program is flexibly set up and offers support in sales, marketing and service

Extend your portfolio

Enrich your Microsoft portfolio with the Managed Telecom services of Anyroute.

Deliver new services directly from the cloud

No hardware/software implementation required on-premise. Complex on-premise implementations are gone.

Flexible & Independent

Connect your own Telecom Provider trunks to the Anyroute network. Flexible and no restrictions.

Components Partner Program

Anyroute is the independent technology partner that advises, integrates and manages. A partner who thinks further and guides you to the best solutions.

White label

As a White-label Partner you offer our services under your own name plus the end customer has no contractual relationship with Anyroute.

White-label Partners purchase the products and services with a wholesale discount and resell them to there own customers.
White-label partners invoice directly to the end customer, and also provide all service and support.
Simply said, the partner is and remains the primary contact owner of the customer relationship, but also bears the debtor risk.


Delivering telephony services directly from Office 365 has never been easier. As a reseller you advise and deliver the services of Anyroute to your own customers. Anyroute maintains the contract with the end customer and the reseller receives attractive bonuses based on all sold services.

Your customer will of course always remain your customer. You decide which services you deliver, we support where necessary. In addition to a platform that simply works, we are happy to support you in your role as a Telecom supplier.

Service Provider

Anyroute makes it possible for Service Providers to link Microsoft Teams telephony services to their own network.
As a result, the Service Provider is able to provide Microsoft Teams telephony services to their own customers without the need for technical Microsoft expertise and hardware.

The partner program for Service Providers is flexible and offers support in the field of sales, marketing and service.

Together with your trusted Office365 partner. 

With Anyroute Direct Routing, you as a customer have the control to manage your accessibility with Microsoft Teams. This together with your current IT or Microsoft Office365 partner.

Anyroute supports your partner with the necessary resources so that he can optimally advise and support you.