Teams Calling

Microsoft Office365 is the all-in-one communication solution. The complete telephony solution is created together with Teams Calling from Anyroute.



Increase the usage for your Microsoft Teams user

An application that brings together calling, chatting, meetings, calendars and email in one solution: Microsoft Teams. This cloud-based communication and collaboration tool is easy in-use and designed to stimulate co-working.

Full integration of communication and collaboration. Calling, chat and meetings via 1 application. With Teams you can combine your activities and collaborate with everybody.


Accessible via any device

Calling, chatting and meeting within one application. The Microsoft Teams app can be installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device. For example, in addition to chatting and sharing files, colleagues can now also call their business number.


What do I need?

Teams Calling is easy to add to any Teams user. The Teams Calling license can be purchased for a fixed user price per month. Excluding call charges.

Teams Calling is available in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Features of Teams Calling

Since its launch, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing app in Microsoft history with more than 330,000 companies worldwide using it.

Efficient Collaboration

Efficient communication and collaboration from 1 application.

Location Independent

Work location independent via the Microsoft 365 suite.


Teams is the central hub for collaboration and communication.


A fixed price per month. Clear and predictable.

Interested? Or any questions?

Just contact us! We help you with the tools and the transition to Microsoft Teams calling..