Expand, Optimize and Automate
your routing decisions with PowerRoute.

Expand, Optimize and Automate your routing decisions with PowerRoute.

Flexibility & control

We understand the importance of ensuring that customers’ communication networks are secure and reliable. That’s why we offer a managed service for hosted Session Border Controllers (SBCs) that delivers numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. SBC’s play a vital role in protecting any SIP communications environment and in providing connectivity to the outside world.


One of the most significant advantages of our managed SBC service is its management simplicity. Our team of experts takes care of all the complex tasks involved in configuring, deploying, and maintaining SBCs, freeing up your IT staff to focus on other critical business functions.

Our managed SBC service also eliminates the need for your organization to purchase and maintain expensive hardware and software, resulting in significant cost savings.

Rapid deployment

Speed is another key advantage of our managed SBC service. Our team can quickly provision and deploy SBCs in a matter of hours, allowing your business to respond rapidly to changing network conditions and increasing communication demands. Our service is also scalable, meaning that we can easily add or remove SBCs as your organization’s needs evolve.

Focus by Expertise

Expertise is essential when it comes to ensuring the security and reliability of your organization’s communication network. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise needed to manage and maintain SBCs, ensuring that your network is always secure and reliable. We also provide 24/7 support and monitoring, meaning that our team is always available to address any issues that may arise.

Focus is critical for businesses to achieve their goals, and our managed SBC service enables your organization to focus on its core competencies. By outsourcing the management of your SBCs to our team of experts, you can concentrate on other important business functions, such as product development, customer service, and marketing.

Global & On-premise available

Our managed cloud SBC service is globally available via Azure, allowing your organization to benefit from the scalability and reliability of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure. Our service variants include SBCs managed on-premise or in the cloud, giving your organization the flexibility to choose the solution that best suits its needs.

Our managed service for hosted SBCs provides numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. By leveraging our team’s expertise and Azure’s cloud infrastructure, your organization can enjoy a secure, reliable, and scalable communication network while focusing on its core competencies. Contact us today to learn more about our managed SBC service and how it can benefit your organization.

Highlights PowerRoute

On-Prem & Cloud service

Streamline processes and workflows, reduce time and effort required to complete complex tasks. Available on-premise, via private or public cloud.

Platform Agnostic

PowerRoute integrates with many UC and SBC vendors, like AudioCodes, Oracle, Cisco, Ribbon and many more.

Design, Deploy & Support

Fully managed service, delivered with a comprehensive suite of technical support, management, monitoring, and update services.

Reduce errors
Make use of standardized integration profiles for the major voice cloud services reducing the risk of errors being made.

Interested? Or maybe questions?

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